Humboldt Nation Farms IS an Industry Leader in Providing Environmentally Conscious, Premium Cannabis.

  • Location: Southern Humboldt (Garberville)
  • Elevation: 800ft
  • Natural Springs and Scenic Pond Provide Year-Round Clean Water Sources
  • Permaculture and Bio-Dynamic Soil Building Lead to Self-Sustaining Organic Utopia for Our Cannabis
  • South Facing Slope Provides Ideal Sun Exposure for Growing Strong and Healthy Plants


Our commitment to sustainability is realized the moment you step foot on the property. Cannabis, vegetables, fruit trees, and animals all live harmoniously on the land, enjoying long sunny days provided by the south facing slope we sit on.

At Humboldt Nation Farms, we know the importance of the natural environment we have chosen to interact with. We have sought to be sustainable since the earliest crop, and our success has only led us to further these efforts.

We are 100% off the grid power with five large solar arrays. Our water is drawn from a combination of naturally occurring springs and a scenic pond that replenishes every rainy season to greatly reduce our footprint.


Thriving as a Secluded Oasis

They say farmers don’t grow crops, they grow soil; and at Humboldt Nation Farms we have taken this to heart. By introducing a host of carefully chosen organic amendments that work in conjunction with a layer of compost tea, we have grown a living bed of soil that is ideal for our plants to flourish.

At every stage of development and maintenance of our precious land, we have consulted with environmental experts in several fields to ensure the delicate ecosystem of our farm which continues to thrive as a secluded Humboldt oasis that defines the principles of sustainability that we hold dear.


Our Dedication to the Land

It takes a dedicated staff to undertake such careful land stewardship while maintaining a high level of craft as a cultivator, which is why our team lives side by side with the gardens, working day in and day out to give the plants and the property the optimum level of care.

This lifestyle is exemplified by the decades of cultivation experience between our team and their commitment to local community, volunteering at the local school and fire department. On a sunny day when not tending to the gardens, you may catch us kayaking the Eel River or hiking the rugged King’s Range mountains.


Thank You for Supporting Us

Since the time we planted our first seeds on this land in 2005, we have been working toward this moment where we, the small heritage cannabis farmer could offer to a legal market the very best medicine derived from nature’s greatest gift, and now that we have reached that point, the journey is only beginning. Follow along with us as we continue to develop and refine the permaculture farming techniques that are so vital to not just Humboldt County, but to California and on a larger scale, this planet we call home.

We believe there is a place for the small heritage cannabis farmer in today’s market. We are proud that our efforts have led us to this niche, and we aspire to deepen our commitments to the Earth and to you, the cannabis connoisseur. We humbly thank you for supporting our life’s work and enjoying the fruits of our labor of love!

A Glance at Humboldt Nation Farms