Monthly Archives: February 2020

Cannabis Country Out West – The History and Growth of Humboldt County, California

By: Shasta Nelson. Humboldt County, California is a wild place. Towering redwoods, acres of undeveloped land, running streams and a rocky coastline hold its borders in a fierce, natural glory. It’s no shock that Humboldt attracts those with a pioneering spirit. Generation after generation have come to this Northern California frontier to seek fortune and […]

Wizards of Weedcraft: Humboldt’s Finest Aims to Stay Local, Go Global

By Jefferson Reid / MG Magazine Cannabis farmers in Northern California are feeling good these days as the future cash king of legit agriculture moves from growing pains to growing gains. While the recent passage of California’s Proposition 64 legalizing recreational marijuana use in the Golden State could be a bumper crop of good news […]

From Our Table to Yours – Sharing the Love and Goodness from the Heart of Humboldt County

This year is a little different in Humboldt county, and we are thankful. In case you haven’t heard, cannabis is now legal in CA! We celebrate the new paradigm of opportunity and embrace our generations of traditions, because, Our Roots Run Deep. At Humboldt’s Finest, we value the farm to table life and our cannabis […]